Native breeds

The animals at Vallby Open Air Museum are called domestic animals. They belong to old Swedish breeds that lived in Sweden for many hundred years. Several of the breeds are today endangered. Learn more about the native breeds by clicking on the images.


Live collection of animals

The museum works with animal preservation of endangered species. The animals are a part of the museum´s live collection of animals.

Sheep and lamb

Gestrike sheep

Gestrike sheep are an old strain of rustic sheep that originated in the Swedish province of Gästrikland.

Gotland pony

Gotland pony

Gotland ponies are Sweden´s only indigenous breed of pony.

Gotland rabbit

Gotland rabbit

Gotland rabbits are a local variety of Sweden’s old indigenous rabbit.

Rooster and hens

Hedemora hen

Hedemora hens are a remnant of an old indigenous hen from the Swedish province of Dalarna.


Jämt goat

Goats from the Swedish province of Jämtland are unbred indigenous goats that have adapted to Sweden’s northern climate.

Pig and piglets

Linderöd pig

Linderöd pigs, from the parish of Linderöd, are Sweden’s only endangered indigenous pig.

Swedish blue duck

Swedish blue duck

The blue duck is hardy and can stay outdoors all year round. Colors may vary.

Swedish fur rabbit

Swedish fur rabbit

The Swedish fur rabbit is one of our most endangered Swedish rabbit breed.


Öland goose

Öland geese, from the Swedish island of Öland, are lighter weight geese.