Vallby Open Air Museum´s plants are a part of the museum´s effort to preserve Sweden´s biological heritage - a kind of live exhibit that includes endagered plants species, such as older grain types, rare decorative plants and certain fruit tree species. Learn more about the gardens by clicking on the images.


Collections of live plants

The Museum works with plant preservation, a kind of live exhibit that includes endagered plants species.


The Burgher Garden

Burgher families planted flower gardens in the style of the day at the turn of the nineteenth to the twentieth century.

Kitchen garden

The Kitchen garden

Crops that farmers in the province of Västmanland might have cultivated are grown in the Farmstead’s kitchen garden.

The Lime Allée

The Lime Allée

An allée of Hesselbyholm lime (linden) trees leads to the Manor House.

English landscape garden by the manor

The Manor Grounds

The manor grounds show two examples of an ideal garden, French garden style and English landscape garden.

Carpet bed

The Town Square

A carpet bedding display occupies the middle of the Square. This type of bedding was common in parks established in the mid-1800s.

The Vicarage Garden

The Vicarage Garden

The Museum has created an herb garden and a tree nursery based on information from Vicar Muncktell's journal.


Västerås Gherkin

Cucumber cultivation was so widespread in Västerås that the city’s name became associated with gherkins.